Santed Collective
  1. I have my own VAT number, how can I ensure that I can shift the VAT?
    When you have added your packages to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout, you can add your VAT number. If a valid VAT number is added, the VAT will be shifted and you will not have to pay it. This applies only to entrepreneurs outside the Netherlands.

  2. Will there be new packages available online?
    Yes, definitely. Various seasonal packages will be available online, as well as international¬†holiday packages. Additionally, new styles will be introduced from time to time, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

  3. Do I need Canva Pro to use the illustrations and templates of Santed Collective?
    No you don’t need a Pro account, a free account is all you need!

  4. Is it possible to create customized templates and/or illustrations?
    Yes that is possible via The Bright Side Story. With this business I create customized branding projects and other various templates and illustrations to make sure you have 100% unique creations. Go to www.thebrightsidestory.com for more information!